Booking Rules

General provisions

These Expedia partner Services / Bookings / Purchases (hereinafter referred to as the “Booking Rules”), together with the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Customer Agreement, Site Usage Rules and any other information provided by Us, apply to the Services you order and Services provided to you. These Booking Rules apply only to the implementation of the Services on this Website.

You, on your own behalf, and also on behalf of the persons in whose favor you are ordering the Services, agree that:

  • you got acquainted with the Booking Rules, the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service, the Customer Agreement and the Site Usage Rules, agree with them and have sufficient authority to do so;
  • you agree to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy;
  • you are 18 years old and you are endowed with a sufficient amount of civil capacity and legal capacity to obtain the Services and comply with the Booking Rules;
  • you are responsible for paying for the Services on behalf of all the persons for whose benefit you are ordering the Services;
  • We are not responsible for the actions or omissions of the supplier.

Basic definitions

Website - a web page at:, which is an online service for finding and purchasing Services. When providing the Services, We act solely as the owner and administrator of the website. Services are provided to you by the relevant providers, in accordance with the terms and conditions of such providers.

Services - hotel booking services, which are provided by the relevant suppliers, according to your order on the Website.

You/Your/You - an individual who is indicated in the reservation when ordering / providing the Services and / or any other person on whose behalf or in whose favor the reservation is made when providing the Services.

We/Us/Our - Smartline Group s.r.o., the owner of the Website and the page at

The procedure for granting consent to the Booking Rules

By sending us an email or making a reservation on the Website, you agree to these Booking Rules. By agreeing to the Booking Rules, you thereby confirm that you have read and fully agree with these Booking Rules and will comply with them.

The provision of consent to the terms of these Booking Rules is carried out by you voluntarily and in full. In its legal consequences your consent equals to the conclusion of a written contract.

Any changes to these Booking Rules take effect from the moment they are posted on the Website and apply to relationships that have arisen before such changes are made.

Terms of Service

You must be registered with the Hello Cashback program to access our Website, and to use the Services for the purpose of receiving the Services.

Services on the Website can be purchased using only a credit or debit card.

By paying with a card for the Services ordered, you confirm that you have the right to use this payment card. When making a payment, you grant us the right to debit the entire amount of the cost of a part of the Service from your card and store information about the transactions made.

When paying with a payment card, we may need to obtain prior consent from the card issuer that you have enough funds in your account to pay for the Service. Funds will be debited from your card immediately after the transaction. In the event that you cancel the operation prior to its completion, the cost of the Services may not be refunded immediately due to the need of obtaining prior consent, as mentioned above.

If the payment is made using a debit card and the transaction led to an overdraft (crediting the user's account with a financial institution for an amount insufficient to make the payment) or you must pay any fees, it is your personal responsibility to perform all duties incurred to your financial institution.

In case of successful authorization of your card, a message about the order made Services and online payment details will be sent to your email and / or mobile phone.

After confirming the purchase of the Services at the time of payment, you may need to enter a code sent to your mobile phone to secure the payment. This code is different from your PIN-code, which you use in ATMs or payments using the terminal. If you enter an incorrect code, the service fee will be canceled. Thus, we ask you to follow the instructions displayed on the Website during the booking process.

When paying by credit card, the payment (including the introduction of the card number) will be processed on a secure page that has passed international certification.

Payment security is confirmed by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Details of a payment card are entered on a secure payment page with subsequent transfer for processing using SSL encryption technology. Your encrypted personal data received by us (map details, access to the Website, etc.) will be processed by the processing center.

All payments are in euros.

Immediately after you receive a confirmation, it is considered that an agreement has been concluded between you and the relevant service provider, which is a confirmation of the booked Service and the payment made. After receiving the confirmation invoice, if you consider that any information in it (or in any other document) contains inaccuracies, you should immediately inform us about this, since it is impossible to make changes later. You must make sure that the names you specify when booking are identical to the names in the identity documents.

Tax liabilities

When using your payment card to pay for the Services, you confirm that you will use the Services only for commercial purposes. You guarantee that you release us from liability for possible claims of the tax authorities in connection with the Services that were used for non-commercial purposes and guarantee us the reimbursement of all possible expenses arising in connection with this. Any taxes paid will be calculated and automatically added to the corresponding price offer for the Service. Any taxes related to your reservation when providing the Service are non-refundable.

Additional wishes

If you have additional requests (for example, food requirements, baby cot or room layout), let us know at the time of booking when providing the Service. The relevant supplier will be notified of your wishes, but we do not guarantee that they will be fulfilled. In case of non-fulfillment of wishes, we do not bear any responsibility to you.

For elderly clients / people with disabilities, we can check with the provider if the Service is right for you and give an answer before making a reservation when providing the Service. You must inform us of your requirements or wishes in advance (before confirming your reservation).

You can send us questions about the Services available or purchased on this Website, as specified in the Booking Rules.


Proper travel insurance is one of the conditions for providing you with the Services. You must obtain an insurance policy to insure yourself and the participants of the reservation from: a cancellation fee paid by you; the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of an accident or illness; loss of luggage and money; other expenses.

If you travel without proper insurance coverage, we will not be liable for any damages that could be covered by insurance coverage.

Passports and visas

We can provide general information about passport and visa requirements for the provision of the Services to you, but it is provided solely for informational purposes, and you are responsible for checking these requirements prior to the commencement of your journey (receipt of the Services).

Also, you are responsible for complying with specific requirements for registration of a passport, visa and other immigration requirements and must clarify them in the relevant embassies / consulates.

Neither we nor the supplier will be liable if you cannot get the Service and go on a trip because you could not meet any passport, visa or immigration requirements.

Today, most countries require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return.


In case of complaints, contact the Hello Cashback hotline.

Force Majeure

Unless otherwise expressly stated in these Booking Rules, we will not be liable or pay you any refunds or compensation, if our obligations are affected by any events that we or the respective Service provider could not, even with due care, provide for or avoid.

These events may include, inter alia, war, the threat of war, civil unrest, terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, mass riots, actions / laws of any government or other national or local authorities, including port or river , railway management, industrial conflicts, blockages, natural disasters or nuclear catastrophe, fires, chemical or biological disasters, strikes and all similar events outside our control or control of the relevant supplier.


Our duties are limited to making a reservation on the Website in accordance with your instructions, as part of the provision of the Services to you by suppliers. We are not responsible for non-compliance of the Services and / or travel with your expectations and / or expectations of third parties.

The advice and / or recommendations provided to you are not considered warranties.

You assume all possible commercial risks associated with your own actions, mistakes and inaccuracies in the data you provide.

We are not responsible for any damages and / or moral damages incurred by you or third parties as a result of an erroneous understanding or misunderstanding of information about how to pay for the Services, as well as the receipt and / or use of the Services.

Neither we, nor our employees, directors, officers and / or official persons or other persons related to us, intermediaries, representatives, partners or any other persons, including those acting on our behalf, are responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the sale of the Service, as well as from unauthorized access to personal data, including lost profits.

Supplier Rules

The services you order are provided by independent suppliers. Such providers provide these Services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you, as a rule, in accordance with applicable international conventions. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions are provided upon request by the respective supplier.

Cancellation and changes

Any requests for cancellation or amendment must be sent to us in writing in advance of the provision of the Services, and they will not take effect until we receive them.

If you cancel or change a reservation when providing the Services, the provider may charge you for a cancellation or change specified in the rules of the provider (the fee may be 100% of the cost of the Service), which may vary significantly depending on the provider.

Changes or cancellation by the supplier

We will inform you of any changes or cancellations of the provision of the Services as soon as possible.

If the provider offers an alternative Service or a refund, you must inform us of your choice within the time frame we determine for this.

If this is not done, the supplier may assume that you want to receive a full refund.

We are not liable for any changes or cancellations made to your order by the supplier under your contract with him upon receipt of the Service.

General travel tips

Time Zones

All dates, arrival and departure times are in local time, unless otherwise indicated.

Traveling with kids

Make sure you provide accurate information about the age of the children and babies traveling with you. The age of the children you specify when making the reservation must be the age they reach at the destination.


We will e-mail you accommodation vouchers and hotel vouchers as soon as we complete the booking process and receive all the documentation of the respective supplier. Before traveling, you need to make sure that you have a voucher for accommodation or a confirmation of your reservation, which we will send you by email. Without this document you will not be able to access your accommodation / hotel room.

We draw your attention to the fact that all additional hotel services (meals, mini-bar, dry cleaning, transfer, etc.) that are not included in the tariff price are paid by you on your own.

Transfers from the airport to the place of residence will not be included in your Services booking unless you have previously booked and paid for this Service at the time of making the reservation.

If you booked a flight yourself, you are responsible for letting us know your route and any changes in the estimated time of arrival / departure.

Please note that local taxes and invoices are payable by you to the resort accommodation provider upon eviction from the hotel.

Features of booking hotels

You can check in to the selected hotel no earlier than 3 (three) calendar days from the moment you make and confirm the reservation of the relevant hotel.

We draw your attention to the fact that if, as a result of booking, the data provided by the hotel are unreliable (for example, the hotel’s refusal to accept payments by card, at the time of booking confirmation), we cannot make a corresponding reservation for you

Classification and class of hotels, apartments

Security deposit and room use rules

Some hotels charge customers a security deposit (deposit) upon arrival, which must be paid directly to the hotel at the time of check-in. The hotel must return it to you at the time of your departure, subject to the absence of possible damage to the hotel.

Terms of use of rooms may vary depending on the provider, so we advise you to check this information directly in a particular hotel.

The hotel may introduce its own rules for the return of the deposit (deposit), as well as the use of numbers for which neither we nor the Bank is responsible.

Travel Destinations

Traveling to certain destinations may pose a greater risk than to others. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with any travel bans, reservations, announcements, and newsletters before you book travel internationally.

Also, to obtain medical advice regarding your trip, consult a doctor or an appropriate medical institution.

By offering Services in specific international destinations on the Website, we do not declare and cannot guarantee that travel in these areas is recommended or not associated with risks, and we are not responsible for damage or loss resulting from traveling in such areas.